Friday, July 15, 2016

flyday note

The April 20 set has 18 sections dated from March 21 through April 20, which actualizes a plan that was more or less set in late February,
but I didn’t actually write it until late June through July 12.

My earlier posting that was dated April 20 (now gone—a placeholder about postponements) noted on April 20 that it was “tacitly anticipated in February.” May 1, I said I was “working daily to get where I’m going,” but the reality of that was about clarifying and organizing long-term work that the April 20 set would free associatively preface. I wrote May 8 that “organization of Project notes from all winter (not for here) got drawn into detailed revision...The point is to honor April 20 in the way I have intended since mid-February. (Happy Mother’s Day.)”

Though the 18 areas are narratively cogent (as if writing program-matically), they’re actually honed versions of free associating through
a given thematic scaffold. So, it’s quite apt to regard it as a narration by a narrator from which I’m self-differentiating.

By the time I uploaded it all, the sections were no longer expressive, rather very constructed. That’s why every section seems to be a non sequitur of its preceding one: Writing to the original scaffold became possessed by psychal effects of months gone by and days going by, during writing.

Observational relativism for a teen becomes difficult mythogeny (as if
to advocate that discursive mode as fertile field for cultuvation). Nostalgia leads to simple good sense. Free association leads to obtuse conceptual stipulations. A field leads to woods. There is both underbrush and clarity, shameless triteness and conceptual intimations of ontological plausibility. I’m enjoying myself, not trying to establish anything.

The final 18 sections are all listed in the “mind evolving” area of the Web site, because that was where I initially intended to list them. But the sections pertain to all Web site areas, some to one, some to another: living well, literary living, mind evolving, and conceptual adventuring. There’s congruency across non-adjacent sections like a fourfold authorship ambivalent about who’s being addressed. That wasn’t overtly intended!

“As Aide of Sophiana” is a hybrid hybridity, a set of 18 prefaces,
some of which won’t be furthered (the mythogeny of Sophia across several sections).

I wrote June 4 that “I am confident that I’ll get the set done this month. Then my grand plan for this site will begin to flower.”

I almost made it (early July, it so happened).

June 16, my birthday (Bloomsday), I wrote, in part, “Dear A.,
the peaks are gorgeous (notwithstanding the academic bullies yelling
in the valley). I am the better argument, because I fly and they do not.

home soon,


So, there’s my flyology (no wings of Icarus) with a little alliteration
in titling.