Monday, November 30, 2015


I want to post here more than I want to post at the other site; so I feel frustrated by my commitment to get to a certain point with development there (outerworldly, so to speak) before devoting time here—then most of my online time here.

You may have noticed that this site hasn’t grown for a couple of years. But the long-range plan—even in early 2014—is/was that this site is my priority—but to be so only after getting to a certain point for polite society. (Desire here is beyond sweet rendering, even beyond transgressive scenery. Anyway, creative inquiry plays with boundaries—plays with norms, conceptions, theaters.)

A psychoanalyst may know nearly every possible version of what selves do—sensuous to surreal—yet shows easy alliance within “your” boundaries.

The good show is genuine, though her heart is heights away—be we
radiant or possessed—genuine here, too—yet, highly more than there:
an authenticity beyond, an authoriality here to play where all versions
of us may.