Friday, June 26, 2015

where are we?

The Pentagon’s research people—DARPA—are overtly planning to terraform Mars.

I’ve known for years that something like that was in the works.

Doing such things is Our destiny, not only because We want it, and We can do it. We'll employ the resources of Our solar system for Our evolving Good—and We'll take an artificial planetoid or two with Us to the next star.

Doing such things is what intelligent life evolves to do, according to informed sources that a few NASA personnel will not admit to having contact with.

Don’t believe that learning human languages is difficult for Them.
Don’t think that Our existence wasn’t known millions of years ago.

And S.E.T.I. isn’t a deliberate distraction for public attention?
Think about it: We're already close to identifying which of the millions
of possible planets in our galactic neighborhood may harbor life, and many stars are millions of years—billions of years?—older than We of such an ordinary planet circling such an ordinary star.

O, writerly freedom can be such fun.

See, strident movies will prepare us very gradually, and the narratives of science and journalism will gradually publicize a little bit more "discovered"; and a little bit more, until We would no longer be terrified of something way beyond exobiological being.

Of course, if you thought now that I could be not doing fiction here—which would include lying about which agency my friend, who knows, works with (and would include such disclaimers as the present paragraph)—my freedom would be in severe danger. His freedom—or hers—would be in severe danger.

Fortunately, I lack credibility; so, my freedom is happy.

Besides, s/he was killed in a freak accident years ago. Those who know, who are in contact with Them, don't know that I know where they are.

(This kind of thing is so trite, I know. If one thought otherwise, it might be unbearable. "They are there, beyond all human conceivability,” s/he said.)