Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Align your life with leading trends in innovation

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CHICAGO (Reuters) - Hunger is spreading while the number of homeless families is increasing as a result of the recession and other factors, according to a report on Tuesday.....

All I can do is put time into understanding reality, impress on others to not forget the importance of understanding reality, endorse endeavors that appropriately address the reality, and do my best to live a life that is congruent with evolution of a better world—a life which is also fair to my own talents and opportunities I have or create.

BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Car bombs killed 127 people in Baghdad on Tuesday, police said, leaving pools of blood, charred buses and scattered body parts in a brutal reminder of the threat from Iraq's stubborn insurgency....

Another day, more jungle madness, more unbearable cries of loss among survivors. Death is our partner in breathing.

The morning paper carries an ad on the front page showing two women soberly looking into the camera, fully appreciative of the reality of cancer that the advertised treatment center serves.

Someone leaves the house, “call ya later, love you,” walks across the same street everyday, but is hit by a bus today, no good-bye, just gone.

COPENHAGEN (Reuters) - Developing nations demanded deeper emissions cuts from rich nations, particularly the United States, at U.N. climate talks in Denmark on Tuesday, as a study showed that 2009 is the fifth warmest year on record.

The population grows fastest among the “developing,” who proclaim a right to do what the “developed” nations got the chance to do for the previous century that has instituted global warming.

Someone a hundred years from now will find us odd and heartrending, like we find tales of impoverished London in a Dickens novel. (Evenings when the fog was out, the air pollution from coal and wood burning in London made fiery sunsets. London was famous for its sunsets.)

8:37 amInnovate

Align your life with leading trends in innovation, which the Obama crowd is seeking to advance: educational excellence; devotion to growth of knowledge; prudential finance; intelligent design and construction; understanding of and support for planetary management; support for others’s ambitious energies; facilitation and celebration of crucibles of creativity—individual, cultural, and economic; and be flexible in understanding, thinking, learning, designing, making, revising, sustaining, appreciating, loving, living, etc., etc.