Sunday, November 29, 2009

still enhancing my own humanity, so far

A while back, I had a near-term plan for 40+ topics. I transposed that into about 28, one of which was (is) “living well,” as rubric, as well as boundless topic. Boundless, indeed: Seeking much delimitation (a long webpage, I anticipated), it’s become notes for 42 postings! Maybe I’ll cover the other 27 topics before I die. But that was supposed to be a long detour from a larger project that has been ongoing for some years (which the prospected “conceptual adventuring” of the website is supposed to supplement). Talk about flourishing. I’m ready for biomedical enhancement of longevity to 120+ years. Just keep dementia at bay.

But all the inflationary “delimiting” has made me bored with the topic.
I know what I want to do with it. Now, I want to move on to crystallize what I want to do with something else.

I know the dynamic here: I’m the perpetual student—which is a good thing, if you can afford it. However, it doesn’t educe esteem, let alone influence. So, should I care less about recognition than about furthering my own understanding of, say, The Poem (as genre) or deep friendship (offline) or happiness (finding the essential distillation and synergy of recent literature on the matter)?

Actually, this kind of question is central to my interest in living well: balancing Self interest (and inner-directedness) with the great value of interpersonal life—and showing useful appreciation of our planetary humanity, at least as a good voice in The Conversation of Humanity, which I’m very thankful to have had so much time to enjoy.