Saturday, October 27, 2007

one's philological condition

Days go by, and I digress, reminded of our universe, anticipating our evolving nature, accelerating Time, our capability for facilitating broad-based human development.

Philosophy lands itself in such a continuum, yet those are just points
in the topography. Focused work in conceptual adventuring (linguistic topology? ) is needed, not things primarily self-expressive—rather, focused orientation by a largely-definite group of works, leading voices, sequenced for the road, for some netweaving comprehension that works fruitfully (even durably?)—unwittingly ensuring my aloneness,
I suppose....Well, I'm not looking for mall-accessible popularity.
Here I am for those who care to dwell along.

OK, so am I going to stop playing runaround soon?, I donknow, I seem to have enough to do keeping up with leading news, which is very important to me—but a long way from conceptual prospecting.
One has to commit.

I do.