Wednesday, March 21, 2007

the past is preface

I began blogging in September, 2004, and continued fairly prolifically—postings now moved to the beginning months of “conceptual prospecting.” I made only postings that were valuable to me
(thereby posting irregularly), no impulsiveness involved
(contrary to the blog ethos).

I didn’t intend to cease, November, 2005, but other writing caused the “silence” to continue throughout 2006.

November, 2005, I presumed I’d continue posting regularly, as soon as
I gathered all of the emergent themes of that several-months’ beginning and identified a relatively small set of topics to which all the themes belonged. That would orient a more deliberate continuation of what I wanted to see as a concerted project. I did derive the set of topics, but other venues got my time, so now the theme set belongs to several Web projects.