Sunday, August 20, 2006

I'm meritocratic, not undemocratic.

I have to tell you, I see the blogosphere as largely the new genre of idle chatter. I have no interest in the narcissism of “IMO” spiels, and I really don’t care to be widely read. (That bell curve in high school is humanity writ small, and I’ve always been in the tiny right percentile, which is not lonely [nor elitist!], but which, thank goodness, gives me more cherished solitude, of which I never have enough). I also don’t wish to spend my scarce free time writing things unrelated to my philosophical life
(which tends toward a monographic conception). Elitist? No.
But I’ll vote for meritocracy over populist sovereignty any day.

Democracy is not about populist sovereignty, rather about constitutional sovereignty of the public or populace in constitutional marriage with meritocratic institutions across generations, which implies, for social evolution, a primacy of intellectual virtue, so to speak, which the university, as planetary kind of organization, exemplifies.

Inasmuch as that’s elitist, fine. I’m proud of my humanitarian duty of care that derives from the philosophical bases of my “Attitude.”