Sunday, March 05, 2006

lovely planet

We Earthlings have, make a lovely planet—which I mean lightly, polemically, and cosmically (poetically)—nesting the former
in the latter’s scale, our evolving.

Though we love capability and support opportunity for good—who doesn’t?—we’re largely helpless observers of difficulty and suffering, there’s so much of it.

The news cycle easily makes me feel polemical, as if (some days)
I'm compelled to file human events (like some extraterrestrial)
under "Primate Living." But all in all, I'm enthralled by our evolving lifespans going through their cycles, from ontogenic historicity to maybe historical efficacy, whatever the scale—a life, a neighborhood, etc.
We should love where learning never ends.

Though I have difficult things to say, and so may seem incoherent,
I’m at least a journalist of humanity evolving, theorizing from there.

There is progress. There is evolving. All in all, we’re the species that explicitly cultivates generations: as parents, teachers, writers, or leaders—and, in a figurative sense, as architects, engineers, and caretakers of our time.

It’s not specious to theorize capability and opportunity, to want
to contribute to formation of progressive policies. I appeal to that interest. I want to participate in progressive development, to contribute
to enhancing humanity, however I can. I write. I theorize. I do what I can with the language I have.

We humans are ultimately witness to, and may educe, lifespans
in an evolving humanity—strange and beautiful—cohering
like some telic night’s neighboring of stars
(classical constellations), as if one's capability for Found Design proves and may advance how we're Belonging
together in the Same