Saturday, April 29, 2017

for love of conceptual inquiry

May 5 update

This set of topics, named above (listed here), began in late December,
but added nothing until late April. Seven subtopics are now done—subtopics five through seven having several subtopics each.

Earlier, development of the site consolidated how that site is envisioned to complement what is becoming. A good sense of that became a posting there.

April 22

The “living well” Area of is a more exotic level of’s “being well.” “Conceptual inquiry” via is, so to speak, a lower division approach to “conceptual adventuring,” analogous with undergraduate curriculum design—not that I’m thinking curricularly. Quite the contrary. But intends to be more practical, accessible, and engaged with shared grounds than has no correlate to’s “literairy living” Area (which will become rather bizarre). has no orientation to journalistic contemporaneity like “being in Time” of But “mind evolving” at will complement “being in Time,” like university research and teaching complement cultural life outside of academia.

But a good analogy for the relationship of the two sites as such would be good-sense practical interest in conceptual issues ( irt (recall that) interest in ambitious conceptuality (especially experimental, eccentric trOpo-conceptuality)—or a simpler analogy: interpersonal rapport of discursive interest irt Self in happy abandon, conceptually, philologically, philosophically, poetically, confessionally, whatever.

So, the previous several months have allowed me to get clear to myself how I want to move on, with the two sites, over the next few years. Also, during the past season, I’ve gotten much clearer offline about how each site will develop, largely relative to a rich set of others’ research and prospecting; and a focused organization of journalistic interests for

I expect to finish “for love of conceptual inquiry” in several weeks. That will complete cycle 1 of the “conceptual adventuring” Area of Next, I’ll do a brief piece (or set of short pieces) for the “mind evolving” Area, which will complete cycle 1 of the site. Then, cycle 2, probably beginning in June. Presently, there are five cycles of notes that I’ll work with. Each next cycle’s character (i.e., cycle 3 content while I’m working on cycle 2; cycle 4 during cycle 3…) will change in light of others’ work, my preferences, milestones of life (an astroid hits Earth), whatever. There will definitely be more than five cycles, but it’s too early to scope out mitosis in cycle 5.

Eventually, everything I did for during sparse periods of well-centered free time, 2004—2012, will be integrated with what becomes of the site this year and next. And will be increasingly integrated with, but probably not the converse. That is, doesn’t refer to in any blog posting linked to nor page of that site; and that will probably continue. A normative analogy would be that a wise artist keeps her nice interpersonal life out of her studio where solitude is sacred and others’ likely misunderstanding of what we’re doing doesn’t take up our time.

Of course, as I’ve said, anyone Googling ‘gary e davis berkeley’ gets results for both sites. At heart, I’m happy to be wholly open with whomever is genuinely interested.