Tuesday, March 10, 2015

“you're not serious.”

There’s always a kind of substance to style. Seriousness belongs with speaking truth, but too much truth (e.g., exposition that evinces reader questions of their own conscience) “should” be kept light.

Lightness—style—is a normal way to signal that there’s not a lot of truth to be had. It’s entertaining, but not to be seriously entertained. Opinion writers in mass media know they must show style and not get too serious about matters. Besides, sophisticated persons show style. This is often more important than what’s said. Whatever you got to say, let style give it merit because presenter posture is easily regarded as primarily important for reception of what’s said—especially if you want a good impression to last long after others have forgotten what you said (and you’ve forgotten, too, but treasure being remembered).

Monday, March 09, 2015


So—you want to know what was excluded from “a trace of spirited time” that allowed me to do something manageable by Sunday.

Yeah, well, a lot. I basically have my agenda set for the next several years. Last night was a little preface premised on my promise to follow up an earlier posting by last night.

Funny to me is that I’m getting comfortable about linking from there to here—perhaps after I organize an itemized, multi-level listing of old things here. I certainly don’t want to leave things as they are. Earlier areas of this site have kindred pages across areas. The coherence I see here is a happy thing.

Last night, I felt a wonderful sense of cohering in the distance between there and here.

And I have enough material offline to work with, for creating narratives online, that I could enjoy another fifty years of gardening. Meanwhile, new books emerge; and journal articles and others’ paths to enjoy meeting—and there’s always the news.