Monday, September 17, 2012

another monday!

I’ve been blogging floridly far away (through a pseudonym), having much fun, but also posting vehemently against Romney’s campaign relative to contacts I’ve made with Romney supporters (for my part, tacitly inquiring into what infection they’ve assumed that makes them believe Romney isn’t all marketing of no real product), helped appreciably by daily news.

I’m also continuing to develop fun topics for linking to this blog—so many, indeed, that I’d be remiss with arbitrarity to itemize any few. The short story, though, is that I’m having lots of fun playing in the ways I wanna sail (and I’m making unassailable points against the empty twin of Max Headroom).

Soon, soon, I’ll return here daily—yes, folks, freedom’s just another word for lots of licentious time at hand!—to happily (and soberly, as well) address the ages.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

night forest shrouded in fog
with full moon beams

Late evening tonight on a Berkeley hillside overlooking the bay
behind me: glowing expanse of rays through so many eucalyptus arms