Thursday, June 05, 2014

so wayfaring

A way to gain distance on the recent present is to nest it in narrative frames, the more frames the better for the gaining.

So, finished with Habermasian philosophy, I created a new home page framework for which anticipates unnamed work through a page called “wayfaring,” about which I had no intent of feeling at one point your voice happening in my writing “I love it”— though I said “like one may love an era of their life: integral to moving on.”

That page will move on, too. Only its first version would be so short, so ending that way. Yet, it wasn’t a unique moment. Your voice happens. There seems to be no week in which you’ve gone away.

Sunday, June 01, 2014

going with the Flow

work, work, work…I’m returning to an old blog in a new way, being the philosophical wise guy I enjoy being.

Last night, in the flow of copyediting and commenting on a portion of my current project (discussed at the link below), I did an aside—totally off the wall—about the Not Ready for Prime Time players: that they play anyway!

Indeed, the play’s the thing.