Saturday, July 09, 2011

note of an iterative glyphicist

As I mentioned to you elsewhere (yes, I’ll write you here, too), the postings of my various blogs (axially, this one) and web pages are improvisational pieces (the web pages relatively unimprovised) in a developing Project which will lead to all being thematically disassembled into pieces figuring into a large-scale work. (I didn’t put the matter quite so succinctly elsewhere). Current little ventures are provisional pieces, trOpical genes in a genealogy.

this is your life

November, 2009, my long-alienated partner of 24 years, Janna (a psychotherapist)—from whom I’d been more or less separated for 15 months—killed herself soon after discovering I’d fallen in love the year before with a woman in my department who reincarnated a love when I was 27. I expect one would react like “You must be joking”: Psychotherapists are the persons who prevent suicides. Janna had a veritable village in San Francisco of persons who loved her, including professional colleagues who were dear friends—and me.