Saturday, August 26, 2006

a little song to myself

Maybe I'll post during the next week, maybe not—during the next couple of weeks; or maybe not. Anyway, I won't be away for long. I won't abandon you (though we may wish to move to a new place—I'll be clear).

You've probably not caught up with me anyway.

A couple of years ago, I started a blog as literary work—or, I should say: "literary" work, since my Derridean mode prevails, there overtly, but tacitly most days: Largely I displace myself in non-ironic kindrednesses, say: our reliabilities, entrusted presumptiveness of a lifeworld working. (I'm in good mental health—weird online, maybe, funny in person, well-anchored at heart.)

The literary "blog" was initially a rebellion against the ephemerality and idle chatter of the form, beginning there almost perfectly like some Absolute Beginning—which became a series of calculated spontaneities ("spontaneities" narrated) that portended some grand journey unfolding—which was valid emblematically (or metonymically), as the work-anticipated actually began many years ago, and I was now experimenting with confessional (tacitly as recapitulative reconstruction).

The conception soon outstripped my available time for continuing it regularly in the investigative register it became (quickly beyond calculated pretension). So, I stopped the project in order to rethink my sense of where I'm going with it (relative to the past it was anticipating in its genuine current of inspiration)—which happened hand in hand with needing to rethink that introduction to Habermasian studies (you know), so the two together commingled reflectively into a hybrid sense of each that hasn't yet gone online. Yet, I will continue each eventually, out of the mirrorplay I am (like the Heideggerian "thing": mind ajar), "blog" as authentic journal, brief essays as genuinely growing topics, though each had already always been that, in their preliminary ways.

Meanwhile (the past year or so), those interests have been supplementary to other work, and lately I'm feeling more willingness to write my own way online (which hasn't really begun yet), rather than just continuing the basic work-in-progress through private relations. I have no idea to what degree online work will be derivative of basic work or will itself be basic work ongoing (the real work, if you will). Either way, a reader wouldn't see the difference, as authorship has its own integrity, writing is writing.

The real work has to be led by the things themselves rather than by anticipating some specific audience ("things" including a rigorous sense of "ordinary language," born of that philosophical tradition—you know: "how to do things with words," the therapeutic rhetoric of a philosophical manor). Derivatively-public work has to trust that it finds an audience, rather than catering to a vain desire for attention. (I'm not seeking recognition now, just maximal time for the work. If you're interested, great; if you're not, I—with all due respect—couldn't care less.) The things themselves will create their ownmost audience—if not now, then whenever; if never, OK; learning never ends (And by the way, though I don't invite comment via the blog, email me, and I might change my mind. But I prefer private email interaction. So, if you're trying to figure my worth for your time by looking for comments by others, you're a fool.)

Anyway, blog notes here may be very irregular over coming years, but I'll be having a great time (as I do regularly) in The Silence, which'll always end relatively soon, unless I die (which I won't be able to report, of course). OK: If The Silence lasts more than a couple of months, I'm dead—which is to avow commitment to keeping this somewhat up to date, as correlate of staying alive.

Sunday, August 20, 2006

I'm meritocratic, not undemocratic.

I have to tell you, I see the blogosphere as largely the new genre of idle chatter. I have no interest in the narcissism of "IMO" spiels, and I really don't care to be widely read. (That bell curve in high school is humanity writ small, and I've always been in the tiny right percentile, which is not lonely, but which, thank goodness, gives me more cherished solitude, of which I never have enough). I also don't wish to spend my scarce free time writing things unrelated to my philosophical life (which tends toward a monographic conception). Elitist? Hey, I'll vote for meritocracy over populist sovereignty any day.

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Prelude ended June 21

revised July 22

I've derived the comprehensive comprehension I earlier said I sought—but I'm not going to represent it here. (What I earlier said was about the interest in such representation.) Yet, there is a definite topical structure of the evolving Webproject that this blog will complement (or may track).

Posting that supplements specific topics? (maybe)

Against the vain impulsiveness of things in the blog genre, I make myself believe I'll only create entries that have some aire of lastingness (here on, following the prefacial period up to June 21) that supplement my evolving Web project (e.g., news-motivated elements of long-term topics elsewhere); or announce topics or updates appearing elsewhere; or create postings here that are elelemts of topics elsewhere linking to the posting here. So, this would be as much of a homepage as I'm willing to presently admit. I will do that—too.

But ephemorality is the prevailing reality of our lives, and my spontaneity is just better than most others, because I am humble and profoundly motivated (in the Background). "Such an unusual mind in play."

Anyway, though each posting carries the date of creation, it may stand for a developing topic, thus be substantially modified later, as I don't want to consider postings here to be ephemera. (Genealogy of a genesis? blog as subteranean great work of art?)

All in all, "bottom line," as the sun sets and the stars fail to appear due to metropolitan light pollution, I write. "I'm a narrative figure living to write."

Isn't that precious? Life is strange, sometimes beautiful, then you die. All that remains is text.

Topics via developing Webpage placeholders

But frankly, I'm more interested in my own project development—in effect, writing for myself (as if primarily to myself). Let it all be left "behind" when I'm dead.

Or: A public structure for the Web project (homepage outline of topics and subtopics) will be created eventually. The project is evolving relative to accumulating elements (subtopics) which are short Webpage topic placeholders (or already short discussions) that will grow in light of a specific plan that nevertheless is developing in light of ongoing work. That's not to say that the project is unfocused, rather that its given, though unstated, structure and focus remains the evolving backdrop of prospective topics. One might expect this of a project that's as interested in theorization of development as it is in the thematic topics that are developing.

Accordingly, blog postings here will sometimes primarily be indications of Webpage [sub]topics that are linked. Short Webpage discussions are tacitly subsections of unindicated sections of unindicated areas of engagement or inquiry. But the blog isn't primarily an announcement medium for new or revised Webpage discussions (though being that, too). It's its own thing.

If all that seems convoluted, I'm sorry. In other words, I'm writing 3 books at once, but not admitting to the table of contents (or monographic title and abstract) of any, yet I'm sharing the gestation of sections as they arise and develop out of sequence, according with foreseen-but-yet-unread influences (and unforeseeable influences). Simply, its the journeying of a philosophical writer through several lands—if not a travailogue in several planes.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

there you are

Blogging is a free space for a philosophical writer to hide in plain view, "lost" in the massive crowd, suggestive of our metropolitan condition.

There’s always more ephemerae worth noting than good sense would give time to. So, something deeply personal may be less about what’s said than about hope for lastingness in Meaning in times that keep us largely vacuous. Let alone difficult philosophical concerns? We don’t have time but to ponder why anyone would give time to such “things”. (I’ll put the sentential period outside the quote mark because I want to! That’s vacuous? Expressive of linguistic self-possession, the mark of The Literary?)

Who is playing for keeps in wording? (Is it amazing that you've found me?)

Sunday, March 05, 2006

lovely planet

We Earthlings have, make a lovely planet—which I mean lightly, polemically, and cosmically (poetically)—nesting the former in the latter’s scale, our evolving.

Though we love capability and support opportunity for good—who doesn’t?—we’re largely helpless observers of difficulty and suffering, there’s so much of it.

The news cycle easily makes me feel polemical, as if (some days) I'm compelled to file human events (like some extraterrestrial) under "Primate Living". But all in all, I'm enthralled by our evolving lifespans going through their cycles, from ontogenic historicity to maybe historical efficacy, whatever the scale—a life, a neighborhood, etc. We should love where learning never ends.

Though I have difficult things to say, and so may seem incoherent, I’m at least a journalist of humanity evolving, theorizing from there.

There is progress. There is evolving. All in all, we’re the species that explicitly cultivates generations: as parents, teachers, writers, or leaders—and, in a figurative sense, as architects, engineers, and caretakers of our time.

It’s not specious to theorize capability and opportunity, to want to contribute to formation of progressive policies. I appeal to that interest. I want to participate in progressive development, to contribute to enhancing humanity, however I can. I write. I theorize. I do what I can with the language I have.

We humans are ultimately witness to, and may educe, lifespans in an evolving humanity—strange and beautiful—cohering like some telic night’s neighboring of stars (classical constellations), as if one's capability for Found Design proves and may advance how we're Belonging together in the Same universe.