Friday, August 30, 2013


O, dear, I have neglected you.

But I’ve accomplished so much:

• uploading the project on “humanistic union.” This may be one of the better-conceived and accessible projects I’ve done.
• developed my Habermasian project via (That still has so far to go; but I’m tired of it all.)
• developed a good interface between, Google Groups, my Google+ account, my Facebook account, the Facebook/Habermas Page, and a new blog.

And I sometimes laugh at your foolish presumptiveness about me, because I’m doing well!

And all the above stuff is just about earlier years, being put into the light now. What I’ve done silently the past year might amaze you. I want to get back to that. I want to withdraw into my comfy, mental retreat, where I’m so in love with my imagination, as well.

O, and also I’m using Twitter a little.

Sunday, August 25, 2013


So, the inter-linking of “externalist” postings to 2 Facebook accounts, 2 blogs, the Yahoo! Habermas group, Google+, and developing a new Website gets eerie—and too time-consuming.

I feel a need to withdraw into my favored idioms and posting / Webpaging places, my Internalism, which none of all the externalism links to.

And, too, there’s that blog to her that I cut off from public access, as I also cut off any contact with her blog or news of her life when her daughter was born.

It was you. I loved you so much, I write you anyway, because there’s no one better to imagine. There had not been for years before I met you. I doubt there will be anyone else again who so affected me.

I don’t believe you understood why, which is OK. That, too, belonged to your guileless beauty.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

authorship as virtual combine

Thinking of the notion of freestanding combine, I’m wary of trying to maintain attention to writing “Gary” at Facebook (and “Habermas” at Facebook), Google +, a new blog (yet another, I know), develop all that conceptual gardening beyond past years, and go in new directions of writing.

Then I want to show how it all weaves together, for after all, I’m one integrated person doing all that, this—loving it.

Yet, listen: None of those places link to here, nor to anything on Though all this is easy to find by simply googling “gary e. davis berkeley,” I’m not overtly making the connection between anything done via and all the rest—like an outer vs. inner world.

When outsiders find me here, fine. If finding me here causes them to go away altogether, good riddance. I’m confident about the integrity of my ventures.

And the window into how it all will gather into itself like a pole star is only here.

Besides, I’m having fun. Isn’t that the meaning of life? (At the least.)

Monday, August 19, 2013

prospecting a conception of cognitive artistry

Sunday, 10:53 pm

I had fun writing to a philosopher in Germany, Matthias Vogel, today (in English) about his recently-translated Media of Reason, reviewed last week by someone. I suppose that Vogel will balk at the excessiveness of my enthusiasm. But we may be somewhat kindred in spirit.

Anyway, to update you on my explorations must not be regarded as vanity, because it’s just a desire to share what I’m doing—because I believe in the integrity of the exploration. I’m not presuming you’re interested, and I’m not soliciting.

But I’m enjoying myself. Status update: flourishing, happy, fascinated—and often frustrated by the 24-hour turn of Earth, my need for sleep, chores that are necessary distractions, and failure to provide more substantive news to you. Also, I’m sorry that I won’t take time to mediate or explicate what I report, but I can promise to make considerate sense of it all for you someday.

I believe I’ve said that before, about promised explications.

I’m still relatively young (the elderly like to believe).


That posting—“kindred in spirit”—is very long. I’m not going to extend it. If Matthias replies, it’ll become part of new posting. I’ll use what I did yesterday for extracting themes for elsewhere later. Online work is all part of creative process.

Sunday, August 04, 2013

soothing W.H. Auden

I’ve written lots of things that are planted around in hidden spaces. Drawing them into the light will be a gradual process, each belonging to its own time. “Soothing W.H. Auden” surely belongs to years ago in my life. Everybody’s got a story, of course.