Saturday, February 21, 2015

There will be spring!...

...though maybe you find spring figuratively in your work, no matter the winter. I hope so!

Facebook algorithms thought I might know you—evidently because I saw your Facebook page years ago, when we were corresponding by e-mail—not via Facebook!—about history. Technology! [Other readers: Johanna in icy Michigan got an e-mail about this posting.]

I’m still engaged with Habermas’s work, and a new set of essays by him is coming into English this spring, The Lure of Technocracy. I’m still a promoter of his work, even though I disagree with him like one may disagree exuberantly with one’s much-loved partner.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

sitting with confessions of a dispossessed memoirist who can’t do fiction

Jeffrey interviews Alexandra—long gone from where she grew up in white Rhodesia, but feeling in America like an alien—about her new memoir.


A: And my agent...she said, you may have a minuscule bit of talent, but you have got no story, and so you’re on your own with fiction.

I perked up:

G: I know that feeling—though I don’t have an agent.

She ignored me.

A: And I thought, no, wait, I do have a story.

J: You have got a story.

A: Yes, I have got a story.

G: I do, too.

Sunday, February 15, 2015


OMG, simply googling ‘gary’ results in a first page that includes G+ postings by me—let alone googling ‘gary e. davis berkeley’. I found this out because I was on a little trail of etymological interest, starting with ‘Edinburgh’ (caused by interest in the Scottish Enlightenment—very interesting), which has an interesting root for ‘edin’ to which ‘edward’ (my middle name) is related. So, what about ‘gary’?

Gary never sought ranking. Gary enjoys sharing stuff.


In your own way, you’re a better photographer than Vivian, though black&white suited her ethos.

Happy birthday.

Hey, you were born the same day of the month as Miranda July.
But she was 1974.

I prefer your sensibility to hers.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

dear Vivian

The story about you today at the News Hour was good, you’d agree, but ultimately clueless. I attached a long “Comment” to the website transcript, but there’s no link for that, so I’m archiving it here:
Was it masquerading?

This wonderful story of a wonderful artist highlights trying “to understand how a brilliant photographer was able to lead this sort of secret life while masquerading really daily as a nanny for over five decades,...”

There are at least three dimensions or modes to this issue. Firstly, what’s a woman artist to do in her era?