Saturday, September 05, 2015

conceptualities of literary living

You see via “days..” (below) how easily I can cause you to feel comfortable forgetting about Gary’s bricolagic web siting,
as he apparently forgets his own site (no posting since mid-June)—
a site which is so in need of updating that he fails to even begin.

Yet, my capacity for new versions of promissory note is undaunted.
I do have a grand agenda! (I’m not merely a narrative figure.)

“Daimonic love” beckons—I say again, a repetition which keeps me boring, if not suspicious: Too much self-effacing narrative unwittingly annuls a pretext of humility.

Freedom!: Keep people from climbing my hill, weathering thickets,
and interrupting my serenity (saying of which is puerile vanity).

OK, so what about conceptualities of literary living?

I knew you’d ask. I’ll share what I deleted from an e-mail today: the link “to stay reliably unchanging,” at the end here, proving my capability
for good sense (i.e., knowing what to delete from what I send).

Sunday, 9/6, then Thursday, 9/10

But I’ve substantially revised (expanded, edited, and cut) what was improvised Saturday that had been deleted from the e-mail (turning self possession into a polite and short query to her). A playful time became
a chance to think somewhat carefully (way beyond what was apt to send).

However, it remains “somewhat,” which will stay that, as part
of a developmental process online. So, I don’t expect to revise
the posting anymore. (Recall that ‘blog’ is short for ‘web log,’
which suits my habit of revising within the day or so after).

Funny how the literary notion of the unreliable narrator never anticipated the digital age of revisable confession. What was once a mere issue
of immanently self-undermining narration now becomes normally-stable presentation that gains a different stability tomorrow, as if the backstage to frontstage condition of authoriality irt authorship becomes evolving performance, like any event of appropriating a play for a time. In principle, the temporality of narrative not only may stay alive through different readings. It may assert its resolve to stay reliably unchanging.