Friday, December 28, 2007

grieving for anewal

You may have noticed that short postings here may be changed during the day-or-so afterward.

The previous one here at first ended with a smirk, titled "Still not dead." But, in the wake of Benazir Bhutto's murder, I couldn't bear letting that little self-possession remain.

At first, I left the posting unchanged, but appended an explanation, dated yesterday, in view of Bhutto's murder, and wrote penultimately:

"Yesterday's posting stays as, now, a little testament to the importance of honoring the dead by carrying on our lives with good use of what time we have."

But I removed the explanation and the above, too. Terrorism thrives on attention gained from us. I refuse to participate in that (which I guess is undermined at the moment by this avowal).

"I wish you decades of time for flourishing," I ended yesterday. Then removed that, I don't know why, since I do wish you that, whomever you are.

Now, this posting's expression of changes stands instead.

Miles to go.... I hope to say more in a few days, initiating the change of calendar. (When does your new year really begin—your birthday maybe? Chinese [4706, Wu Zhi, 7 Feb.], Jewish [5768, Rosh Hashanah, last Sept. 12-14], Muslim [1429, 10 Jan.]—anyway, we share the months and the seasons, eras of life and mainstream news, Earthlings all.)

Quotation, in good Derridean stead, frames distantiation and time.

"I managed to not regret Monday's posting to the Habermas list (as a matter of typos or misstatement). That's a problem with nonrevisable media: Will you still love her/him in the morning?

" 'OK....Well...carry on.'

Thank you."

I wish we humanists decades of time for flourishing.