Saturday, November 27, 2021

autumn notes

The ultimacy of the universe will be forever unknown. So, the ultimate point of Our form of life is ours to design, making time worthwhile,
at best cultivating humanity lastingly.

The originator of Positive Psychology, Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi
(“Me-hall-ee Chick-sent-me-high”), died last month, 87. “His” empirically well-established domain (by now, 30+ years after its founding) has had a profound influence on professional psychology,
on my development, and continues to flourish—I noted today
for interdisciplinary humanities.

The NYTimes obituary didn’t represent “his” field fairly (so, I won’t link to that). I wrote to one of his sons (who is a local acquaintance):
His notion of The Evolving Self [a major book of his that influenced me] involves a rich sense of belonging actively in the flourishing of life—one’s life in life itself.

Flow is not, as the Times puts it, “a state of mind.” It’s a way of engaged being: dynamic, not homeostatic (not a “state”). Mihaly, with his colleague Seligman, advanced conceptions of engaged flourishing far beyond the idea’s origin in Aristotle (eudaimonia).

Nov. 19

The week has been intense. Last Saturday, I believed I’d be ready to start something long (many postings as part of my well-ordered project), but that became discursive letters (emails) to five different-worlded scholars: literary, intellectual historial, humanistic psychological, philosophical, and political.

My modal moments could be synthesized into a singular, protean thing, but I want to move on.

Next Saturday, I’ll be ready for my New Beginning (he said).

Full moon tonight behind wispy clouds in strong autumn wind tropes foreboding. Yet, I’m enthralled.