Saturday, February 16, 2019


The Project has gained two more Area discussions (one short—“speculative pleasure”—a mere section, in effect; one very long— “progressive practice”—made of many sections).

One more Area sketch to do for “being well,” which is supposed to be short, but is difficult because I need to avoid getting immersed in so much material that I have available, as in: I could easily write the long chapter, if I took the time, but doing it briefly and fairly is more difficult, like: A sketch artist must be very focused, to get a depiction right quickly—by next weekend (Feb. 23). I can do it!

Then, I’ll be free again to leave the ground.

February 2

The Project’s “speculative pleasure” expresses a synergy of ultimate Openness. That completes the January set of discussions that especially pertain to (including the largest, “discursive moments,” that’s to be part of

Now, I have three more midstream discussions to do which pertain to I want those to be short because I’d rather move on to more arcane stuff. [Feb. 12: “ Progressive practice” became very long, composed of many long and short sections.] I need to complete a baseline sense of The Project that I can presume, as I get weird with new things: “See?: I’m also well-grounded, as well as hermetically flighty. I have a good sense of the distance—the ‘as well as’.” Whatever.

The entire January and early February set of proems and discursive compression is preface for moving on, into what I really want to do: play deeply with others’ lovely works.

Not to be portentous or pretentious, but I’m merrily beginning.