Saturday, July 15, 2017


Part 5 of the “summer 2017” project has been done, “opening again.”

I didn’t have time to update the home page this week, but
I refined the earlier update a little.

July 1

I so want to complete Cycle 1 of But organizing free associative notes for the rest of “mind evolving” differentiates itself into themes that become new topics, and the mitosis seems to be endless, like a receding horizon on a highway. No well-groomed highway, more like your archetypal hiking trail. Yet, I love it, no thanks to neglected “home work.”

I don’t wanna talk about it.

June 24

The “mind evolving” Area of is begun, “summer 2017,” sections 1—4. Section 4 is titled “being of winds,” a bit coy: It’s about the historical notion of spirituality, from a lexical point of view. Sections 2—3 are also lexically oriented. I hope it’s interesting.

It all performs my belief that standard dictionary definitions are a good place for beginning conceptual prospecting because the derivations exhibit years of distillation and parsing from tens of exemplary instances. Lexicography is very stringently evidentiary. It’s not pedantry. Over the years, I’ve made suggestions to Merriam-Webster about the definitions of some words, getting responses about how new uses are always under consideration, but evidence is collected heavily before a definition is expanded or revised. It’s a fascinating specialty.

June 17

I got the home page updated (after hours of learning that the best structure of the home page right column should be a simpler list structure; having a two column page with indented text is actually difficult for browsers to map). I’m free now to at last get the “mind evolving” section of begun substantially.

(Happy Bloomsday to me, yesterday.)

June 12

Whoops! I forgot to update here, because I got so wrapped up in transposing about 100 postings from the old “mind evolving” blog to the two blogs at—which was an incredible task: I didn't anticipate that many of the postings link to things at that I didn't yet want to link to via; and other pages link to the transposed postings that I was deleting after transfer (so I needed to go back to those pages and change their links, after creating the new versions). Many resources that were linked to the old postings (news, journal articles, etc.) were no longer valid links, though the articles were in media archives; so, I had to hunt up the new links.

And on and on... Then, I had to prepare an introductory page for the 30 Habermasian postings now at and link to it from various points. And post to Facebook/Habermas about its availability....Gee: I have over 3000 followers; I hadn't noticed. I also have about 3,000 followers at the Facebook/Heidegger page.

Anyway, the update note for June 13 explains more.

Over the years, I write things that I attend to for a day or so (corrections, revisions), then I move on. All of the postings that I’ve transposed (over 100, though only 30 flagged for the Habermas studies project) have been unread for 12-to-6 years. Frankly, I’m amazed at myself—not as a vanity, but simply surprised that I did some of that in passing and forgot it.

May 14

Part 8 of “for love of conceptual inquiry”—“conceptual play of being intermodal,” 15 pages (some short, some long)—is done.
That’s the end of this project.

Three postings below were put up last week (one merely linking to a long one).